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Meet Theresa BrownGold & Art As Social Inquiry

Updated: Jul 6

"Human beings suffer. I want it to stop."

Theresa BrownGold is an artist/activitst who creates portraits of individuals and tells their stories. One of her subject areas is about healthcare in the United States. The haunting images reveal the pain and tragedy of Americans in what is supposed to be one of the most advanced healthcare systems in the world.

Theresa asks "How are we to deliver real access to healthcare to a nation when the for-profit entities we rely on to care for us are incentivized not to insure sick people, pay claims, or provide services that decrease profits? What is the cost of this system in the lives of real people?"

Theresa has demonstrated in Washington and lobbied for change by bringing these stories out in the open. Many are shocking. We all need to raise our voices by whatever means we can. I fight to get the coverage and care we are entitled to. But there's so much more. I hope you are as motivated and inspired by Theresa's work as I am, even in the face of the great challenges before us.

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