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DIY Healthcare Savings Handbook

Don't overpay for healthcare

Get your $7 DIY Handbook

For the price of a fancy coffee drink, learn how to lower your medical expenses!


This comprehensive handbook provides essential tips and strategies all in one place to help you navigate the complexities of medical billing and insurance claims.

DIY Healthcare Savings Handbook cover

Checklists, resources, and practical advice

What you'll find inside:



Understanding medical bills & insurance responsibility 


DIY Insurance company appeals & medical bill negotiation 

Securing financial assistance
Working with an advocate


The state of our healthcare system

If your experience will take a more time to unpack, let's go over the nuts and bolts together. Then you can decide if we're right for each other, or if you feel confident to take it on yourself.


Speak the right language

Tips and checklists to follow on how to talk to your providers and insurance reps can go a long way in avoiding prolonged appeals. They may even re-submit or re-process your bill or claim without requiring an appeal.


Medical billing errors you can challenge

Learn where to find the most common billing errors, and what all those numbers on your insurance Explanation of Benefits mean. This information will guide you on whether you can negotiate your debt or coverage.


Financial aid & assistance resources

Sometimes despite best efforts, or even a reduced bill, you may have a balance too high to manage. Get resources on how to negotiate with your providers, and secure financial aid or a payment plan to help settle your debt.

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