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The origin of "My Patient Voice" 

My name is Jonna Jerome

"Realizing others are also paying for services they're not liable for motivated me to challenge the status quo."

I believe no one should face a medical emergency more concerned about finances than their health. I know because I've been there.


I've faced crushing debt while fighting for coverage that my family was entitled to while struggling to care for elderly parents and a special-needs child, finance specialists for rare and difficult-to-diagnose health conditions, and navigating a severely crippled system for mental health services.


I couldn’t see a silver lining then, but I do now. Through the “trial by fire” method, I learned valuable and lasting skills that can save you from getting singed. I have reversed over $1 million in claim denials for my family alone via insurance company appeals and Independent Medical Reviews (IMRs) at the state level. ​

When you're sick, injured, recovering, or back at work, the last thing you may have the capacity for is calling insurance companies and negotiating with healthcare providers. This takes communication and writing skills, the charm of a snake oil salesman, knowledge of your rights, the persistence of a bulldog, and infinite patience with canned hold music while you wait for a live representative.

I want to give those who feel unheard in this field a voice. I advocate for patients to get the treatment they need without overpaying for that care. You pay your insurance premiums in good faith, so let’s be sure they do their part. ​

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Jonna is also a content marketing strategist at and shares her personal stories at

Jonna Jerome
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