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Stop paying medical
bills you don't owe

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This is your first step toward regaining control of your healthcare costs

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A photograph of founder Jonna Jerome

Jonna Jerome

I specialize in reducing your debt from unexpected or recurring medical emergencies, so you can focus on your well-being.

Here's how I can help:

  • Find any errors in your statements

  • Initiate the appeals process for you with your health plan

  • Pinpoint what documentation will help your case

  • Serve as a conduit between your health plan and providers to get your claims processed fairly

  • File escalated appeals to the state-level

  • Help secure financial aid resources with your medical providers

  • Research best rates on prescription medications

How it works

There are no hidden out-of-pocket fees for services. I won't encourage you to work
with me or proceed on your own unless I am confident there is a path that may benefit you.


Let's talk

I offer a free consultation or a flat fee video conference to determine your best path forward. If you only have a few questions, opt for the freebie and download my DIY handbook.

If you need more time to discuss a complex situation, spring for the video conference.



If you prefer me to communicate with your providers and insurance on your behalf, I'll ask for a $250 deposit and an authorization to represent you.  (The deposit will be credited toward savings I procure for you). 


I'll employ strategies to help lower or possibly even eliminate your debt, and keep you updated every step of the way.


Assess results

When savings are awarded, you will receive discounted bills or reimbursement directly from your providers, and adjusted claim notifications from your insurance company.


You will be responsible for paying your discounted bills directly to your providers, ensuring a transparent process.


Rewards & settlement

Reduced amounts in your favor reflect my effort. You will be invoiced from My Patient Voice representing 20% of the total savings achieved for you. Your deposit will be credited toward that amount. 


This 20% success fee is only applicable if my work results in lowering your debt.

Dollar Sign

Consultancy investment:
20% of bill savings.
No savings? No fee.

Also "a la carte" options

Dollar Sign

Have a few pressing questions? Need a quick answer to see if your situation qualifies for an appeal or any further action? Let's suss that out.

If your experience will take more time to unpack, let's go over the nuts and bolts together. Then you can decide if we're right for each other, or if you feel confident to take it on yourself.

Engage me to advocate on your behalf to lower your medical debt. Your deposit will be credited toward the amount you are awarded or reimbursed. If you do not receive more than $250, you will not pay more out of pocket.

Are you a hands-on personality? Download my DIY Handbook for information and detailed descriptions about the medical billing and appeals processes and how to talk to your health plan and physicians.

I review your medical bills, explanation of benefits (EOBs), and other documentation to see if there are errors in your favor. 

If you have chosen to DIY, but have stumbling blocks along the way, I am happy to schedule time to answer your questions.

What People Are Saying

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Jonna explained that I have rights protecting me from being billed exorbitant amounts for emergency medical care. This knowledge has already saved me thousands of dollars, and I now feel more secure in managing any future scenario.

Danielle Peretz

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